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See by yourself that corporate tax decreases by 2% each year in Neuchâtel :

Calculate the corporate tax on profit of your company if it was already settled at Time Center and calculate the money you lost :

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Overview of the Swiss fiscal system for the Federal Administration of the Contributions.


Compare the fiscality of different european countries :

Country fact files, complete comparison of the fiscality and social charges between different countries such as France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium… :

To sum up : Neuchâtel, a fiscality that counts among the 10 most attractive worldwide.


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Implementation studies for your company, market study for your specific segment, writing of your business plan : marketing experts from the agency. Intelligence Marketing at your entire disposal :


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Publications on company creation in Switzerland to be directly downloaded on the following link :


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More than chocolate and banks, there are :

Swiss Portal of the Confederation, of cantons and of municipalities :

Portal of the great region of Berne at Geneva going through Neuchâtel :

Swiss portal of the canton of Neuchâtel :

Portal of the city of Neuchâtel :


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Work in Switzerland :

Office of economic promotion in the canton of Neuchâtel :

It delivers financial help if the company’s activity is part of the canton’s priorities (eg : ICT, Microtechnic, watchmaking, food industry, and so on). It studies each registered file.

Referencement for your Internet website :

Hannuaire, quality web annuaire


Neuchâtel, worldwide cradle of watchmaking :

Peaceful life at Neuchâtel :

Swiss mechanical watch movement producers



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